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Our bed linen is made with the highest quality natural fibers.
Our 100% long-fiber COTTON MAKO is treated to create a fabric that is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. The linen undergoes a slow artisanal process without chemicals. By switching from dry to wet and from hot to cold, we generate a natural shrinking of the material along with an increase in the volume of cotton fibers. Ultimately, tiny air bubbles are generated in the material, which give the fabric exceptional breathability. In the warmth, it allows body moisture to dissipate. In the cold, the embedded air in the fibers creates effective thermal insulation. This fabric truly offers cool freshness in summer and effective warmth in winter. Our long, slow process with heat treatments gives the fabric unique and wonderful aesthetic qualities. It is slightly wrinkled, very smooth and soft with a pleasant feeling to the touch. We use only top-quality dyes that are safe and delicate, the same dyes that are used for baby clothing.

The lightness of our BISSO fabric is obtained by weaving fine threads with a very high density.
Therefore, the fabric is very durable, despite its quite sheer appearance. The lightness of the material makes it ideal for high quality covers for Eiderdown duvets, as it minimizes the crushing of the down feathers and maintains a large volume of air inside the duvet. Another important practical benefit is that the material will not shrink when washed, so the size of bedclothes will remain unchanged over time. Our finished fabrics can be machine dried without diminishing their original look and never need any ironing.

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