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STONE WASHED COLLECTION these bed linens are made with the finest high quality natural fibers and a finishing process that combines traditional practices with the latest techniques in order to bring out their best properties and performance.

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colezione classica Blu Notte Udine
l'artigianato Made in Italy

Our luxury bed linens are made with high quality raw materials gathered from worldwide sources. These high thread count fabrics are woven on top quality textile machines using the finest yarns and fibers in the world.

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BLU NOTTE manufactures luxury bed linens under our own brand SOGNOBLU as well as for private label collections.
The COTTON STONE WASHED COLLECTION is made with the highest quality natural fibers and the newest finishing techniques available in order to bring out the fabrics best properties and performance.
All our products are “Made in Italy.” Our weaving, finishing, product design, modeling and manufacturing are exclusively in Italy.

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Fine craftsmanship

Unique in the World

l'artigianato Made in Italy

Classic collection

The tradition of Italian craftsmanship
– Italian with capital I

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